VirBinarus - 4th of February, 2016


Minecraft Username VirBinarus

Date of Ban 4th of February, 2016
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by 05ocram05

Reason for Ban Use of an autoplacer or hacked client.

Reason to be Unbanned

if you want me to stop, I can.

[ Ban History ] 1 other ban appeals found
14th of January, 2016

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banned by my accomplice Marco.

what i would say is if you have seen and have knowledge about things like this causing trouble in the past ask a member of staff before you use it as to lessen the risk of you looking like a monumental cabbage.

id say unban

If this relates to schematics mods, we’ve discussed this. Unban Vir. If someone has a problem, tell him to stop and he won’t do it in your presence; simple as that.

I’ve been testing the Schematica mod and attempting to recreate what you were doing, and I haven’t been able to. It appeared that you were using something equivalent to worldedit’s stack function, which I can’t find in Schematica.

The way that Schematica works, you would have had to move the schematic along, which you did not appear to be doing. Even if it was Schematica, it absolutely wrecked the logs of the area you were doing, filling them up with placing and removing several times a second.

I witnessed you use it with @TheOctopus and @ElydoreMD
You were building at an extremely high speed, broke water blocks somehow (

It kind of does give you an unfair advantage, and you aswell managed to somehow build outside the world border (on the same level, so there’s no way you could’ve gone there and build on, on the same level. So it’s everything but legit. You’ve also been here long enough that those clients are not allowed. We all know what happened to Airstar. My questions for you are, in the first place, did you know they weren’t allowed, and second, if you get unbanned, will you remove whatever client it was? (And never use it again)

Answer the questions honestly, if you’re honest, you have chances of getting unbanned.

  1. There was already a long section of road in place. (this is what the schematic looked like)

  1. I have set a key to “move to current position”, that allowed me to move the schematic.

Yes. I did have a problem with Schematica, for some reason, deciding to break water. So as you saw, I turned it off, and took out all the water sources, then continued.

the same advantage as someone who spam-right clicks wile flying at the border with a speed II potion, unless you can’t normally place outside the border, in which case I’m sorry. But the schematic program doesn’t extend my reach, I did have to fly at it with a speed II potion.

What I am using has been approved by staff twice, if you wish to change that, sure. I’ll remove that mod.

Which staffmembers approved it and when was that? Perhaps they could do their say here if they haven’t already.

Honestly, could you not be botherered to read my appeal?

Madant, and Kyle publicly approved it.

Here are the links again

Kyle - Nov 30 2015
Madant #1 - Nov 30 2015
Madant #2 - Jan 16 2015

Now that we’ve established that it is in fact Schematica (as it did look a bit odd at the time, but I can see what’s going on now), he should be unbanned.

Unbanned and locked.