Violin Cover/Who am I?


[size=14pt]Since a lot of people here don’t actually know who I am in real life, this is a video of me in case you were curious, also I’m proud of this video and wanted to share it with you guys :slight_smile: It’s The intro to Stars Align by Lindsey Stirling. This is from a classical piece but I’m not sure of what piece, it’s is only played at her live shows and didn’t appear in the original track/music video for this song. I thought it sounded really beautiful

this is sound edited…

@Yomigaere I filmed this in a racquet ball court (on an iPhone 6 so the audio isn’t great). It’s a large echoey room so that’s why it sounds like reverb. I was aware of this and filmed it in there on purpose because I liked the sound :slight_smile:

This is so beautiful I freaking love it <33

@SaltedWolf Thank you so much!!!