vigilance is the key to anti-griefing

i wanted to post this just so people can be vigilant against griefers in our servers.


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Fix link please?

thanks Andy.

man, that sucks

we use the piston idea to get into protected land on a PVP server, people buy it, build a base in it, but we can still find a way in.

good tactic for those servers, mean asshole thing on others

I really wish i could watch this vid. Seems really good. :smiley:

Yeah, it’s not a HUGE issue. Simple solution would be to expand protected region 1 block, and it’s fine.

and i understand that, but i just wanna make sure everyone is aware that it can happen so we can make efforts to make sure we expand that extra block so we DONT have to roll back. thats all

I’m pretty sure any decent trusted+ player would spot that he is using a piston and we will be banned before any damage is done…

Borrrinnggg, that won’t do any type of serious damage to the server at all. And even if it does, a simple rollback will foil their plots!

Honestly it isn’t too much to worry about. It would take a bit much to be able to take a good amount of blocks. But it’s a good thing you are at least paying attention to these things.

Yes, it is really and inefficient way of going about greifing and SUPREMELY easy to spot. I say to not worry about it too much.

This was cool to see anyway. Thanks shadow.

yeah np