Minecraft Username: vicenzos

Date of Ban: 25/11/2018

Banned by: ~OP_Matt

Reason for Ban: Crashing the server multiple times using an ender portal, the server crashed about 3 times.

Reason to be Unbanned: After the stupidity I committed 2 years ago, i can say with conviction that i will behave very well and that I will no longer do stupid things.
I am very sorry and one last time,i ask forgiveness for my behaviour. I thought it was a funny joke, but I came to realize that it was only funny for me, only me.
I am sorry and i would like to thank you in advance.

Kind regards,

Previous appeals: Four years ago, i had a disagreement with a staffmember. He temporary banned me for a short period.

Hi Vicenzos!
It seems you have learned your lesson. Since it has been a long time since you were first banned, and now enderportals are disabled, I’m willing to unban you. Please, never repeat any system crash like this again.

Welcome Back!
Unbanned, Locked