Veteran Rank

I joined this server long ago the the server was called RealismTownMC there was a rank called veteran i don’t remember the perks it had but i forgot the ip for like 2 years and now im back here in the server I’m playing survival again happy as always (I like the changes btw) So i want my rank back if there isn’t veteran idk what there is but if you guys can find the perks and compare them to an actual rank i would be more than appreciated to recieve it.
Thank you for your time.

-Pollux__ (Karlo1412)

I think you’re getting us confused with another server. We’ve always been Project City Build.

And just as a disclaimer before you depart, there is no TheMooGoesCow…

If we had been the right server a better way of asking is

’ Please would it be possible to have my rank reinstated or the equivalent’

Not demand it done!