...Very shocking news :<

My brother… he has a very high chance… :frowning: of… dying…
Now I know why people always look so blank when they hear it…
It’s just… shocking… first he was very sick… (Ggee knows the whole story of his sickness)
Now he’s in hospital not able to eat anything…
I don’t want to lose my brothers coding skills because if he dies I’ll have to learn coding to keep the coding chain family…
I’m quite sad :’(

Holy shit! Hope he gets better soon!
Trust me, things can look worse than they are in hospitals. When I broke my leg I had to stay in hospital for a week, and because of anaesthetic and stuff, I either couldn’t eat, or didn’t feel like it, I looked an absolute wreck xD So things can look worse!

I hope he gets better b4 he gets anorexia aswell… :<
thanks anyways liam

:frowning: if its not teminal, there’s always a chance! as monty python said: