Verna_ - 30th of November, 2015


Minecraft Username Verna_

Date of Ban 30th of November, 2015
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Wairoa

Reason for Ban Exploiting a glitch for gain in survival. Explain yourself on the forums.

Reason to be Unbanned This is bad… I am really sorry.

A while ago I was still laughing at delahk’s ban… I guess karma strikes… hard.

This is really shameful as this is not usually who people know me as, but yes, I have did all that was mentioned in the ban.
And to those I have offended through these, please don’t bash or hate on me I’m sorry.

I am really sorry for exploiting the sub-creative-survival inventory to get items in survival. Today afternoon, I was questioned by Wairoa why I had 64+3 beacons in my shop, in market. I lied to him saying I got them from killing wither, and even mentioned names of people who came with me into nether to fight withers(I am sorry) which he later investigated the logs and probably found out.

-Admitting to everything I did with the exploitation of the Market.

Earlier on, before the launch of the market, I visited the market by abusing my tp and teleporting to wairoa, who is in the uncompleted map.

I realized that my survival inventory was with me but I was in creative mode. So I set a home far out in the map of the market, and then tried to enchant a sword with books like would be done in creative. When I teleported back to SMP, I realized that the items I took stayed with me, which I continuously teleported back and forth from SMP to Market map and abused the entire system.

In Market map, I stole items - Tools, Armour, Food, Gemstones and minerals, Wood, Andesite, Glass, Quartz, and other rare stuff. I know this is a lot worse than stealing. I’m so sorry.

Whats worse - I used the benefit of enchanted armours and swords to PVP with various players in the arena which has totally landed me in turd and I am really sorry to - Cookies, ForbiddenMatt and Morpeus, Animaz, everlarkdesire(those who I pvped with in the arena), Wolfy9 and Smod3 whom I attacked a few times before. If I don’t get unbanned I really hope you guys would forgive me for my cockiness and hacking which made the game unfair.

I also used spawn eggs to make pure, white horses in SMP, and I lied to twan961 about me breeding them with golden apples. I am sorry please forgive me.

I also sold some andesite to someone for 400 or 500. I am really sorry I gave you hacked materials and I would not be able to refund you again I guess.

All in all I abused the Market inventory and smuggled stuff in and out of market into SMP and was really cocky.

I understand that an act like this would get me banned big time and hated but greed made me revisit the market time and again which I thought I would never be caught, to steal and not forgetting that I even used them to hurt others.

This is really the only server I build in and I have a city which I built with many people in which I love it and I am really proud that its there in Creative Map. I really don’t wanna be banned forever or a month plus I know a month is better than forever but if you only play on one server you’d understand the pain that it feels like the end because one month ban = one month of no minecraft. Whatever the ban duration may be, I would accept it gladly and I really hope that the staff wouldn’t be so harsh on me. I truly regret exploiting the market and causing harm to other players.

If I do not get unbanned for this serious offence, I will definitely miss those nice and kind people who built with me and all those whom I had heart to hearts with. This server has definitely generated quite some memories for me since I joined.
I would like to apologize to all those above, and all those I lied to, and all the staff or members that I have annoyed in my stay in the server. I really hope you guys would forgive me and I hope you guys wouldn’t hate me so bad.
I hope all my friends would forgive me for my lies that covered up one another. I guess your impressions of me have been wrecked.

If I am able to be unbanned one day I promise I would change to be a better player and throw all those stolen items into lava. I will also step up on my behavior and be a better player to the PCB Community. I don’t mind being banned from entering SMP which I destroyed it’s economy, and I would do all that is within my power to stay in this server.

Please forgive me I really want to stay in this server.

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

[ ! ] Do not post unless you are in someway involved in this matter.
[ !! ] Do not edit this post or the formatting will break.

Actually, I banned you not Wairoa. It’s 1:15am here, I’ll write an depth response in the morning. I’d appreciate Wairoa and John’s comments on this too.

And for those who are thinking of commenting on here who are not involved, don’t.

Last night, I came on and had my curiosity peaked, as someone said that you had 60+ beacons. I went to the market, and noticed that there were only 56 left, at the time. I confiscated those that I had access to.

Without even talking to you, I knew that it would be impossible for you to have that many beacons. I then noticed that it was nearly a stack, which automatically hints at Creative mode. It was ~2am for me, so I took no further action.

I’m personally disappointed that you lied, when asked about the items, which makes the offense more serious, and that you even put yourself in the situation to begin with.

Why? What did you honestly stand to achieve from doing this?

You didn’t mention me in your ban appeal, but I also PvPed with you in Arcachon Arena. I asked you which enchantments your sword had, and since you didn’t answer, I /invsee’ed you and you had a diamond sword with 8 or 9 enchantments. I realised a member of the staff could have given it to you for the fun of it and stuff, and I just didn’t pay any more attention to it. I had no idea it would turn out to be something like this.

I personally thank you for your honesty, but you need to understand this is quite a serious offence. We’ve had X-rays and stuff, but I don’t think we’ve ever had something like this, not while I was a member of PCB.

It’s up to VRA since he was the one who banned you, but I personally would demote you back to Member, clear your survival inventory and chests and tempban you for some weeks. And don’t ever address me again unless you need something only a staff member can provide (such as rollbacks).

It’s a real shame that you did this Verna! You’re a very nice person on the server but I didn’t think that you would hack in items. Now I’m suspicions that those beacons in Greenford were hacked in.

@AGx I’m sorry but yes, they were. I am sorry I polluted the server with my misdeeds and I’m really sorry it’s in greenford. Please remove them if you don’t want them there cuz they weren’t supposed to be there.

It was never my intention to hack the server. I was curious about what was happening in the market and tp’ed to wairoa, and kept exploiting the market until it became a daily thing where I visited the uncompleted market to get items that were almost unobtainable.

@ElydoreMD Unmentioned in my ban appeal, yes Ely asked me in the arena.

also unmentioned in the ban appeal, I told anima I needed to go to the market ( I spawned and tamed some cats in the market ) which while naming them I found out I could keep the stack of nametags I had, and I enchanted a diamond sword - which continues in the ban appeal that I set home and teleported back and forth.

Mark says he has important chat logs and will upload them later tonight

Hey Verna. So in a case like this I have taken a peek at some recent chat logs and have concluded that there are other people besides yourself that are involved in the partaking of this mess. Here’s what’s at stake. If you are truthful your sentence might be shorter, if we catch you in a lie your sentence may be extended.

Do not be concerned that these other people will follow a ban or anything like that. If you can tell us all the usernames you have recently given spawned items too, and your motive behind doing so we will be able to further than ban appeal more efficiently. We must take away any sign of the spawned items which is why we ask to please tell us who else you gave items too. I may or may not already know who is and/or who isn’t involved so please comment as soon as you can and be truthful.

Can I please do this in private message? Or must everyone else see whom I’ve given these unknowing people my poison apples?

message me please


I must say that on behalf of the staff, the overall feeling we have as a whole is disappointment. We are disappointed that you let greed get the better of you and that you exploited this loophole, rather than reporting it to staff. However, we are thankful for your cooperation and for owning up to what you did eventually.

You have caused great inconvenience to those staff who now have to go and remove all the items you brought over and the other players you have deceived. You should be aware that your actions will have consequences and you should embrace the decision we have come to and learn from it, and apply it to yourself, not only in our community, but in your life.

The punishment for this sort of behaviour is usually a permanent ban. However, in light of your cooperation and because you are showing remorse, i’ve decided to throw you a life line.

You will be banned for 6 months, and when you return you will remain as a member for a further 6 months. After this time you will be reinstated with the donator rank. You will be on thin ice during the 6 months as a member and you won’t be given any more chances for mistakes like this.

Please make good use of your break from PCB, and we’ll be here to welcome you back after you have served out your ban. Your ban starts now. Your urban date will be the 2nd of May 2016.

[size=12pt]A note to others: If any of you feel the need to chastise versa for her actions, I suggest you don’t, and if you have already, you should apologise. People make mistakes and people do not learn from being bullied.


Due to our finds in Greenford, I am permabanning Verna.

everlarkdesire, starbutterfly, halcyon___… All banned for 6 months. You all had tunnels leading to Verna’s vault, from your houses.

That’s a crying shame… Thought that we had reached the end of this.

Glad you found this, even if it meant we had to ban more.