Vendor's Market - October 27

[size=large]Welcome to the first month of the Vendor’s Market!

[size=small]On October 27 shop owners are welcome to join in the Vendor’s Market at /warp market.

[size=small]Shoppers can come and buy as well as bargain for that hard to get deal! Vendors are then able to sell more product to help the economy of PCB!

[size=small]Start Time:

[size=small]7am PST
[size=small]3pm GMT

[size=small]World Clock for any time zone:


[size=small]/warp market - The PCB Market featuring over 50+ shops!

[size=small]This month’s theme is Halloween, so feel free to dress up your shop, or you and come out for a spooktacular good time! If you want to share an announcement about your shop’s merchandise post below.

[size=medium]Shops Participating:
[size=small]Edit your name in or post below please!

[size=medium]1. Spooky’s Trick n Treat
[size=medium]2. KFC
[size=medium]3. Shadowmeire’s Ready made Potions, and Potion Supplies
[size=medium]4. Shadow Steak
[size=medium]5. Hell on Earth

Shadowmeire’s Ready made Potions, and Potion Supplies will be there as well.
as well as Shadow Steak, just to give Ka a run for his money MUHAHAHAHAHA


I like this idea :smiley:

Why thank you :smiley:

And vendor’s keep posting your shops so I can add them to the list. I will be lowering Spooky’s prices to make it easier for people to decorate…

~~~~ 1 Week +1 Day Bump ~~~

Post below if you can come or your shop will participate please :slight_smile:

I kinda skimmed through it, but i believe shadow inc (if i remember right) can participate if shadow allows it. We sell food :slight_smile: I will put jack o’ lanterns in front of our shop if we can

I’ll join in but no guarantees I’ll be able to make it. I will restock and dress up my shop though. I’ll check the name in a bit.

EDIT: Done.

yeah we are already in it Sword. i will let you handle that one if you want. ill just do my potion shop. if you do though, please be sure to continue using our giant farm.

ight will do :slight_smile: