Valandia (Province of the Farcoastian Empire)

I thought it was about time we got a page for our town. Since we are not always online at the same time, having a page will mean being able to exchange ideas.

For those who haven’t been to Valandia we have a warp. Just type /warp valandia. (I bet you had guessed that)
Don’t miss out on:

  • Notre Dame de Valandia
  • Valandian Horse track
  • Our great farm house

If you want to join the town, just ask me on the forums or on mc!

First up:

Valandia needs more space. Since we are in a forest, we have to install need barriers.
Where should Valandia expand? north, west or south?

You have alot of space in each direction for expansion before you hit any other provincial borders so I don’t really have any problems with Valandia growing (infact I encourage it). I’ll leave the decision as to which direction entirely up to the provincial gov’t. Perhaps you could take a vote with your citizens, Guibo?

PS: If you expand past the existing “National” Border into the snow biome, I will redo the map to include the new territory.

I don’t think we’ll expand into the snow biome. I was just asking because Valandia is very long, and it think we should stop expanding eastwards. Kurry decided we would go south, I think we’ll stop at the snow biome.

My Idea? Expand on the South side of the race track and east side, stop and the Spruce Winter Forest, Then Shoot North and South. or west either way :wink:

Just to let you know we’ve had a suspected break-in at the farm. Reported!

UKO. No need to post here as well as the player report board. Thanks for letting us know though.

I’m surprised he didn’t post 8 times.

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