[size=18pt]The United Wood Chopping Workers Union

[size=14pt]Because of recent substantial cuts in the wages of wood choppers on this server. I, TheGreyAsteroid, have formed the UWCWU to prevent random and uncalled for cuts of pay for the wood choppers of the server, by advising the population of this server to only chop at UWCWU certified wood chopping plants.
I will be putting signs up by every wood chopping plant that has passed my vigorous and extensive testing and will notify the public on this post.

[size=14pt]Here is a list of some of the things I will be grading the wood chopping plants on.

[ul][li]Healthy working conditions[/li]
[li]Fair pay[/li]
[li]Decent supply of benefits such as health care or free food[/li][/ul]

[size=14pt]Here is a list of wood chopping plants currently undergoing testing

[ul][li][size=14pt]Farcoastian Supply CO.[/li][/ul]

[size=14pt]Here is a list of the wood chopping plants that have failed to get approval


[size=14pt]Here is a list of wood chopping plants that have gained UWCWU approval

[ul][li][size=14pt]Middlebury Wood Cutting CO.[/li]
[li][size=14pt]Icecity Wood Plant Associated.[/li][/ul]

[size=18pt]Questions and Answers

[size=14pt]What are some of the benefits of UWCWU approval?

[ul][li]Our personal stamp of approval for the common man to work at your plant[/li]
[li]I won’t harass you[/li]
[li]I will advertise your plant[/li]
[li]If you pass inspection you won’t have to pay the $100 inspection fee[/li][/ul]

[size=14pt]What happens if my workplace goes down hill but it’s already been UWCWU approved?

I won’t let that happen. After approximately 30 days every wood chopping plant that is UWCWU approved will be re-inspected and if conditions have faltered, will have their UWCWU certification revoked and will be fined $100 to be inspected at a later date if they so wish to do so.

[size=14pt]How do I apply to have my wood chopping plant inspected?

Currently the only way is by contacting me via chat.


[size=14pt]The UWCWU is converting to a A-F rating system to further enhance the ease at which a wood chopper can select the plant of his/her choice.

[size=18pt]ECONOMY INFO

[size=14pt]Minimum Wage: 0.56 / Log

[size=14pt]Best Price: 0.86 / Log MIDDLEBURY PLANT /WARP MIDDLEBURY

[size=18pt]DEM PICS

Current information can be found here in the market

The UWCWU isn’t afraid to keep watch to ensure quality wood chopping plants.

Reading that title gave me a headache xD

Sounds cool i guess

Pretty legit post. I hope for prosperous future towards the UWCWU

Wow, this is actually really cool. =D

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I shall boycott this. I sell Black Market wood… call me.