UTC Ferries

[size=14pt]Announcing the formation of a subsidiary of the United Transportation Corporation:
[size=24pt]UTC Ferries Co.
Route map below, as well as link.


[glow=red,2,300]Tri-City Area[/glow]: Renkou, Jamestown, Halloween, Bayside
[glow=green,2,300]Imperium Sea[/glow]: Renkou, Jamestown, Halloween, Ventria, Emerald Coconut,
Eastdell, Empire, Greenswood, Delfino/Oak Hill, Stampy, Acra City
[glow=teal,2,300]Aurum Sea (Caelum)[/glow]: Renkou, Jamestown, Halloween, Ventria, Emerald Coconut,
Ghetto, Enn River City
[glow=teal,2,300]Aurum Sea (Silvestre)[/glow]: Renkou, Jamestown, Halloween, Ventria, Emerald Coconut,
Maldives, Freebuild
[glow=orange,2,300]Urbis Sea[/glow]: Sunshine Valley, Renkou, Damasq, Verona, Zargeth, Wooden Bay,
Park City, Raymont, Rancho, Hope, Calisands

YAY! A mode of transport that isn’t a train, monarail or subway on PCB. I wish you the best of luck with your project :slight_smile:

Uhhh… how exactly will this work?

Are you literally just going to build the ferry terminals and stationary boats?

Basically yes.

Cool! maybe add some light houses and bouys

I’m amused that you just added bodies of water to the boundaries of the map. At least you took the time to use an eyedropper tool and match the blue color. ;D Sorta cheating, no?

Sounds cool 8)

The dynamap is actually from quite a long time ago - February, I think. Since then, there has been a swamp discovered where the Urbis Sea line is going. I’ve also checked the rest - there are rivers where the routes seem to pass over land.

The proper city name of the Aurum Sea (Caelum) is actually Enn Bay, as I named it back in October when the only city on the bay was growing Enn.

This is a cool idea can I be a ship captain?

The port at Emerald Coconut is to be strictly Tourist only, no cargo. Can i have the positioning on the space of land to the left of the coast where there is some random built stuff from ages ago. (Will show you in game if you don’t know where i mean)

I was using some old map from December (http://projectcitybuild.com/forums/index.php?topic=9291.0), but the first-come-first-served bit and all that takes precedence. HOWEVER, Aurum was the name given to the archipelago, not the sea (the sea name was kind of implied). The sea can still be Enn Bay. I will change it on the existing ports ASAP.

Alright, to be honest, I didn’t think there would be cargo ferries but I see your point.

Yeah, I guess. You’ll have to build your own ship, though. /mail me with the coords.

It would probably have been a good idea to ask the town owners before you planned routes…

I know for a fact there is one town that will not approve this, Zargeth, because its owners are banned/inactive.

As long as the terminal fits the theme of the town, I’m sure nobody will have any issues.

Oi Yoshi… if u will, put me on the builder list. Yakno’’

I have absolutely no idea what a Yakno" is, but sure, you’re on the team.

New map is up! Also includes the NR lines as per usual.

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