Ustoreit1: 4/29/11

Minecraft Username: Ustoreit1
Approximate Date of Ban: 4/29/11
OP Who Banned You: I dont know

Reason for Ban: The server was under “attack” or whatever. and I was online, I was helping fillipenis and the rest try to fix the server… and was banned for no reason :stuck_out_tongue:
Reason for Unban: I did nothing wrong. and would very much like to continue constructing the complex i build on this server

You were banned by ouhai_ruby for griefing the glowstone in the market. I suggest waiting for him to reply on the matter.

What??? I did no such thing.
all I ever did was build my house.

and if I did break anything i wasn’t supposed to then it was totally by accident.
I can see something like that happening with glowstone… it breaks so fast and I have a laggy comp :confused:

I know what you mean.
Im sure you will be unbanned soon, unless more evidence is produced, sorry for the inconvenience

Sorry, this is a mistake on my part, i saw broken glowstone and it had your name on it so i banned you. I will unban you when i am next online.

Well crud, we need to try and redo his actions too. he had quite a lot as I posted in the banned players thread.

Yeah, I was gunna tell you about that, but you weren’t online…

This is a LOL situation for me. Did we even take the time to redo this player’s actions yet? Damn!

I’d like to add something. I just now went to my old underwater home to check out if anyone griefed it. I noticed that some glass had been broken so I checked the block history and a name came up.


number one personally i like that look and numor two how do i know you didnt photoshop his name there :-X

I thinks ops should get more credit than that

Because it has the coordinates of the missing block and it’s very very time consuming to photoshop something of that caliber considering the text has a transparency to it.

Unless I had an exact replica of the font used in Minecraft or even had Photoshop to begin with.

Would you say PaintShopPro7 is a good tool for photoshopping? I thought not.

Thats too many greifing reports. He is banned for good.

I banned him again yesterday after I found spawn flooded with water with his name on it. End of discussion