Hey guys,

Is it possible to change my username? I just realised that my username in the game and on PCB is not the same.
I don’t know how it works, but it seems to :smiley:

My current username is GuiboAllons and it should be guiboallon
No “s”!
If you can’t no worries, cause it seems to works fine for most things. But not all, for example my face doesn’t appear in the economy ranking.


  • when I change my forum name to guiboallon I get my balance. And when I change it to GuiboAllon I get my mc skin but not my balance…

I think this might be caused by the “s” at the end of my username…

Actually I just realised that all the people who have capital letters in their names don’t have their faces on the economy ranking because it can only recognise people with no capital letters. So that’s probably the reason why my balance does not appear on my tab.

Your MC Username is GuiboAllon.

I know, but my pcb username is GuiboAllons and my forum name is GuiboAllon (like my mc username, reason why I think it works).


So Am I…

I’m just wondering why on the “economy ranking” not all the faces of the players appear. Like I’m supposed to be a donald duck, instead I get the default face.
However, some players do have their faces on: and the reason is that those are the players who’s usernames do not have capital letters like I do.

That’s my comclusion, not very important but I was wondering… :smiley:

The reason that your skin doesnt appear is because the plugin that is used to retrieve that information doesnt count Capital letters. If your MC username has a cap in it, you will have the steve skin.

But… Brodur has capz.

In the economy ranking bro…