"Use examples that relate to your everyday life"

I was told that to remember something well, I needed examples that mattered to me. For instance, I care fuck all about soccer, so remembering how to say more than by evaluating the worth of Messi and whoever-the-fuck-else would mean nothing to me.

The last sentence I like, so I’ll help you with it.

“Amphitryon fait autant pour la communité qu’un poisson tué.”

Also, with the other sentences, have you learned “meilleur” and “mieux” yet?

“Virden est la grande ville le moins grande” is a bit redundant as well.

“Virden is the big city the least big.” Make sure you change your accent to la to agree with la ville!

I’d just use “Virden est la ville la moins grande.”

With “meilleur” and “mieux,” they will help with superlatives. “Meilleur” is used when you want to use “plus bon” and “mieux” is used when you want to say “plus bien.” They come in handy.

So, “Ceres est la grande ville LA plus bonne” would now be “Port Royal est la meilleur ville.”

“Meilleur” replaces “la plus bonne.”

but when I looked city up in the dictionary it said grande ville…

So, "Ceres est la grande ville LA plus bonne" would now be "Port Royal est la meilleur ville."
*Ceres est la meilleur ville.

Port Royal est la pire ville.

Ville is better imo.


thats how many mistakes there were… sorry dude

and @Amphitryon he got the last bit right, tué = killed / mort = dead

don’t forget ville is feminin, therefore meilleur also needs to be fem.

Also, because he used contribuer, which is more accurate than faire, he needs to use à

and twan said it…tué = killed and mort = dead

Just use ville for city, not grande ville. It is awkward.

I would be more inclined to say plus petit rather than le moins grand

TIFWIW - I do this for a living :confused:

I sit next to him in French, I can testify that that is genuinely what he wrote in his book in class on Friday.

What level of french is this meant to be? Also, you should really get out of the habit of translating. That is a very bad habit that French students fall into. If your teacher says otherwise, send them my direction.

This is like mid-GCSE French.

Thanks for the tip Madant, makes sense.

You teach French? That’s awesome! I’ve always wanted to teach English :slight_smile:

I would like to learn a different language that isnt spanish :3