Updated IP and port

Server is now on a crappy vps whilst im away, ip n port are;

[size=13px]port; 9277
[size=13px]password; pcb

I should start playing that server ;D

I went on the server today and when I spawned I spawned in the middle of what looked like a war of the martians and the tesla turrets, I immediately died. At the moment, while I am writing this I am hearing the sound effects of these turrets and myself dying over and over again. I tried moving, but to no avail, since I died within 5 metres… I hope you fix whatever is going on here.

Sounds like the Martian Madness event, It isnt a bug, i think you just joined at a really bad time, try joining again 10 mins after and it should pass

Maaaartian Madness!! Get yer saucers ready!

What version is the server on? I just recently bought it on steam… wondering if I could play with it.

Latest I would presume

Martian Madness is over XD I died a hundred times but its overrr…

I can’t enter on the server, is it down or is it something on my end?

Terraria is only up when Fatso runs it I believe. I fairly sure it’s been down for months. Perhaps you can spark interest in it again?

I was only curious because I acquired the game recently and wanted to try it out in a multiplayer server. I’ve played singleplayer, but I think it’s a bit hard to play it alone (or maybe I just don’t have much practice and skill yet).