Update - Survival Map City Competition

Hey everyone,

With the update just around the corner and the Purge about to happen, I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s sad about losing his/her cities and builds. This may have been suggested before, but I was thinking of holding a competition that would allow the most beautiful towns of the server to live on in the new map. I know that the update is all about new beginnings, but it’s discouraging to have a lot of hard work discarded. Some of the survival towns are seriously stunning, and I think it would be nice to have a select few rewarded.
Of course, this might seem unfair to some but if we can all participate equally and impartially then I feel that it could really boost the appeal of the new map.
I’m also not saying this for my own personal gain. I know that following the update I won’t have the time to start all over again, so this is pretty much it for me anyways.

Tell me what you think!

I think that although it might discourage some people from restarting, I think that a reset is necessary periodically. I like you idea but there is a few flaws. #1: How do we choose what towns? #2 Organizing it would be difficult. #3 It is unfair to the people that live in those towns because they get to keep all of their items, while the rest of us are stuck scrambling for new stuff. There is my 2 Cents! Hope they help in some way.

A lot of us staff here have gone through a map change before, so we know how you and others are feeling about this situation. As much as we want to keep all the things you guys have built on survival, we just can’t. It wouldn’t be fair for anyone else if only certain buildings or towns, or anything for that matter to be transferred over. We want to give all of you guys a fresh start, new map, new terrain, new buildings, ultimately it’s a way for everyone to enjoy the survival aspect once again. Your builds won’t be lost entirely, just on the server, but the map download offers every player to download the map to their single player world, so you will still have them with you always.

I am truly sorry that we cannot do this for you guys, but I hope you guys will be able to carry on through and build even epicer, amazinger, spectacular buildings!

On another note, I’m going to make a thread in a few hours for the best city of survival, this will be a contest with rewards for whomever gets First, Second, and Third. The rewards will be given to the town owners on the new map. Start thinking about which town you believe is the best!