Update on where I've been c:

Hey everyone, long time no see c:

For the past month I have failed to inform some of you how hectic my school days have become. Senior year and all that nice shenanigans haha. A few weeks ago was my last Band and Chorus concert, that went pretty well. After that things have escalated pretty quickly. With anticipation for the school musical, rehearsal started going till 10PM (Which meant I’d be in school for a total of over 15 hours cause I get there at 7:30, Yikes!) So that’s been quite a handful and what not, but with all our hard work we put on our show last weekend and all 3 shows turned out pretty well! That same weekend was a Drama Club Senior sleepover and then following day was the full cast get together - dinner. Busy busy busy

That’s all over and done with though, and last Friday was my last day of school, I have been taking my final exams this week as well as job hunting for the summer. Summer is pretty much here for me while everyone else in my district ends in a month, oh and college is on the way too! I’m going to the university in my own city so that’s extra convenient and affordable :smiley:

Hmmm yea so I’m sorry if anybody felt like I left without saying much, but I’m officially back and have lots of free time so y’all will be getting to see me some more for the next few months now that I’m out of school, done with theater, and ready to hopefully start a new city in Survival Gasp

Welcome back Buddy of free time and done with school x3

Wait, wait, wait hold up. Cherry and SURVIVAL!? o Welcome back =)

ikr? its hard to comprehend.
Cher, honestly, wait for a new map, and ill help you with building it. =P

Also, red, get ready for a lot of this in Uni :

In that situation, I’m just going to be like “… TO THE INTERNET!”

Or use the library that’s there. The place I hope to go to has every copyrighted book in it. But it set fire recently… So… yeah.

Anyway, welcome back! SURVIVAL!

Haha thx everyone, yea Shad I guess I’ll just be waiting for the new map at this point :S