Update on my Life - Prince Edition

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been slightly MIA these past few months so I guess I shall just take this thread to mention somethings since I know a few of you are curious.

Finals happened first and foremost for school. That sucked, I made it out alive, my grades were ok, but certainly not what I wanted them to be. After my finals were over I took on twice as many hours at work until a couple days before New Years. I started a new internship (which is full-time, 5 days a week, bye bye social life) the day after my birthday and it doesn’t really pay too well. Hence why I took on so many extra hours at my previous job the week before.

I had about 4 days of a total work + school vacation. Dec 29 - Jan 3. I have been sick with a mild cough since then so naturally I’ve just been tired and annoyed that I haven’t been getting better. My bday was the 3rd (Im 22 now in case you missed). One of my older cousins died on my bday night from cancer and that was sad to cope with for a few days. Not someone I was super close with, but family is still family and it was just a little hard to watch other family members grief on Facebook.

I started my internship the day after my bday and it’s going great. Was nervous at first about it but Ive gotten comfortable with it. I haven’t actually gotten to celebrate with my friends for my birthday. Considering it rained on my birthday and my friends cancelled. I did get to stay a night at one of my friends place the other day and that was fun, but it was just the two of us and I wish that people would have made more of an effort to think of me or go an extra mile since my bday is at such a krappy time of the year. My backup birthday plans to go out into the city with about 10 of my friends was also cancelled due to a blizzard this weekend (yay me right?). And to top it all of my family and I had to put down our dog today. It was a very emotional thing we did, but my dog had a tumor growing inside his throat for the past 10 months and it was clear that he wasnt himself this past week and that we shouldnt let him suffer any longer.

All in all, Ive just been having a really hard 2017 so far and I’m sorry I’m less active. I just have not been myself and I’m trying my best to simply deal with all the hardships I’ve had in just these past 2 weeks. Things just keep piling up and it sucks. By no means am I quitting, but life just got busier with a new job and school is back in a few more weeks. On top of that I’m overstressed about everything and just sleep when I’m home 85% of the time. Thank you to everyone who decorated my last built home in Belmont for my birthday. I got to seeing it today and it made me feel a little bit better that people thought of me. I would post Screenshots, but I think I shall just leave it be for the rest of this month so everyone can see.

I know this is kind of more like a vent than a life update, but I miss being myself and miss the community. Hopefully I can get back in the swing of things soon enough.

That’s too bad mark I hope the rest of 2017 is much better.

Well what and end to last year and a beginning to this year.

So sorry to hear of all the bad stuff in you life at the moment but rest assured we are all sending our good wishes to you.

Good luck with the job hope all turns out ok with it.

Hope to see you soon on PCB but for now remember there will be many, many more birthdays to celebrate - sorry this one didn’t go as you planned.

Seems like everything was against you.

It can only get better

Hey, we all get a little down some times. So sorry to hear about you cousin and dog Prince. I hope work and everything gets easier for you. I’m sure you will make plans for your Birthday and it will be the best celebration you have ever had! Best of luck =)

There are still 355 days left in the year. It’ll get better.

I’m really sorry to hear about all this, I really do hope you can come back sooner than later and everything smooths out. Take your time, theres no rush

I hope you don’t get overstressed from these hardships again, for your birthday. Always remember that the community is there for you, Prince. We’ll be happy to see you again.

Screenies, Screenies, Screenies!

Thanks guys, logs in

Hope your life gets better soon! There will certainly be ups and downs.