"Unwanted PVP"

So I guess this is a rage post; sorry its just really getting on my nerves. People have been completely exaggerating this rule lately. For example, when Mex and I were PVPing (agreed), people came to watch, and one of the them got in the way, and got killed. They then got extremely mad, and was threatening to report Mex and blah blah blah. There have been many other cases where stupid stuff like this happens, and a lot of the time it is an accident. Again, sorry for the rage but something really has to be done about it… :wink:

The whole point of the anti-pvp rule is to prevent harassment of players. We don’t want someone stalking and killing someone over and over again, or causing intentional harm. It’s player griefing essentially. People should have the common sense to realize when a death is accidental. Heck, it should be very hard for an accidental death to happen at all. It takes more than one hit to kill someone.

Was this some kind of brawl where the crowd joined in?

Also, as long as all items were given back, an accident is only a minor annoyance.

We have instakill bows and swords… Basically people were flying around and they got hit… Anyway, if I’m correct, the people recently have been completely exaggerating the pvp rule, especially when we are just joking around, and it turns into a ragefest… Idk just wanted to the word out…

As far as I’m concerned, if they were near the fight, they should know what may happen.

I would have liked to see this sounds pretty hilarious. Tourist: Eh is this the fight?arrow goes through head Tourist: I guess so. Time for some banning then.

Naw, it was an awful mess. He raged hard… Threaten this and that… Lol, but that is funny the way you put it XD.