Unofficial Photography Contest

Load your film reels, Prep those darkrooms and descend the legs of your tripods, Because it’s time for the PCB Unofficial Photography Contest!

The rules are simple, Take a screenshot in Minecraft on the PCB server. You may submit 1 photo to this thread, The winner will be judged by myself and some guest judges.

Date & time of the event: From now until November 30. Judging will be on December 2nd.
Rules: Maximum 1 photo per entrant. If you submit multiple photos, only the first photo submitted will be judged.
Prizes/Rewards: $30 donation in your name for PCB. A logo designed for your base/city.
List of players and/or minimum number of players needed: Just yourself!
Any other information necessary to understand and enjoy the event: We obviously encourage the use of shaders but they are not required. All Photos must be 1920x1080 Minimum. You do not have to make the build you take a photo of, Only the image itself must be original. The entries will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Composition
  • Originality
  • Storytelling
  • Technical Excellence

So be creative, Have fun and best of luck to all entrants.


Are submissions with another person allowed then or is it only one person p/ entry?

There will only be 1 winner. So if you’ll have to decide who gets the prize.

An image of the PCB SVS Nether (previous to being updated), showing various walkways darting across the Origin (0,0).

PCB SVS (Old) Nether

If this link doesnt work for some reason;

Hey Zydiax, Please be aware that the competition requires photos to be 1920x1080 minimum.

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Honk Kong

Still a glorious city.

Hi Pete, Unfortunately it isn’t the correct size, The requirement is 1920x1080. Feel free to upload the image on Imgur to avoid downscaling.


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I’ll get a new image in by about the end of the month.
I’ll delete the invalid one

foggy factories

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This is a screenshot of the PCB Botanic Gardens at night. It was a town famously built by Wairoa in the previous Creative map to encourage players with building according to the terrain. This screenshot illustrates the importance of consistency, symmetry, and the preservation of the natural environment in order to construct a welcoming place for its visitors.

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Only 1 day left, get in now or forever hold your peace!

Headed to spy on mineplex to steal ideas

Me and the boys playing basketball, on a normal day of summer.

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Thanks all for your entries! Juding will begin on December 2nd, With winners announced shortly after.

The results are in!
After alot of judging, The winner is…
With their amazing photo, Scoring a total of 35/40 points!
Their fantastic use of composition, colour and storytelling to create a wonderful screenshot has scored them a $30 donation in their name (PM me your account name so I can organize this). As Well as a logo designed however they like! This can be a logo for their base, for their personal account or whatever you like!
LilAnsh, Please contact me via discord to claim your prize.
A big thank you to all who entered! Unfortunately there will be no second place prize as i’m a little poor at the moment. But more comps to come in the future!

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