UnOfficial PCB Discord Channel!

Hello Project City Builder Peoples!

I have made a PCB Discord channel.

It’s like teamspeak, but more focused on the messaging part. You can still voice chat, though.

It’s also a free mobile app.

Here’s the link:

Happy hunting m80s

It’s not official.
I did try out discord and it looks pretty cool, although I’m not sure it’ll replace TS quite yet.
Also FYI, you need to create an invite to allow people to join, preferably one that doesn’t expire and with infinite joins.

I have a feeling that it’ll be a fairly common chat service.

Registered the username Zak. :smiley:

For those that aren’t familiar with Discourse, here’s an explanation:

[ul][li]It has two services, Voice and Chat[/li]
[li]Voice is like TeamSpeak, there are rooms you can talk in[/li]
[li]Chat isn’t like TeamSpeak[/li]
[li]Chat works in a more skype-y way, you have server chat and individual user chat[/li][/ul]

It also has a web client and free mobile clients, unlike TS.

But teamspeak does have that… we just don’t have permissions set up in such a way as to allow it. You can still double click a user to create a private text channel though.

Love it already.
Registered as Asmodean

Registered as amphitryon Amphitryon with a capital A xD

The invite link doesn’t work for me, so maybe it’s expired?

Discord works differently, voice and text chat are two separate things, you can be text chatting, but not voice chatting. It’s a bit like having a skype group, you can message each other or talk to people who want to talk.

It’s not an invite, Derpy did it wrong.

You know what? I actually really like Discord now that I’ve tried it.

Set up a server, made permissions, invited a few friends so far and they seem enthralled as well.

It’s lightweight, looks pretty, feels great, and easy to use (on desktop). Thanks for informing me on this service.