Unlocked Chests/Furnaces in Creative

I’m pretty sure both staff and members get annoyed when someone has placed a chest in your city/build and you can’t destroy it so staff are needed. Therefore I thought it would be a good idea that chests and furnaces were unlocked by default in the creative map. Obviously they need to be locked in survival but it’s not necessary in creative as you don’t need to store any items. Having unlocked chest would relive some stress from staff being asked all the time and I know would certainly make my life easier.

I agree. It has become rather annoying when people make a half-built home in your town, complete with chests and furnaces, and you have to ask staff to remove it. This also places a larger burden on the staff, so I’d like to see this suggestion implemented.


Nice Idea. Although I would have another plan.

Currently if you place a chest/furnace it automatically locks and it says “created private chest/furnace”.

My idea was that when you place a chest/furnace it automatically comes unlocked. And if the player wants to store some personal stuff then locks it IF NEEDED.

that is my idea.


We wouldn’t be getting rid of the plugin from the creative server, since it would mean getting rid of it from the whole server, so that would already be able to happen, unless one of the SOPs banned people from using /unlock /lock… We were saying we’d like it exactly how you’re putting it.

No staff have responded xD so is this idea being discussed or anything?

I’m not sure if this is possible. I’ll look into it tomorrow.

Looking at the Plugin Authors notes, there doesn’t seem to be a way to change whether or not chests lock by default (let alone on a world by world basis).

One way to achieve what you want is to disable lwc in creative for anyone < Mod. But then you won’t be able to lock things.

I also can’t see a way to disable the plugin for creative (which is the only other way this could be achieved).

This sounds like a nice idea. I’ve had some issues with locked signs. A few months ago, a player asked me that he wanted to border Freehold with his town, he never built. I replied with saying no thanks. Afterwards, he built a segment of a highway, west of Freehold, and I haven’t seen him return, ever since. The location that he built the segment will eventually be built upon, but there are a few signs that are locked, so I had to leave them there. I forget the player’s name, but someone can check the logs of the signs, if they’re curious of who placed the road segment.

As Mann said, this is impossible. Locking.