[size=12pt] Welcome to the Official Page of United Nations Base PCB
[size=12pt]Our job is to regulate the factions/groups of the server.

[size=12pt]Here are the details:

[size=12pt]Once a week an ambassador of each faction must bring a written book detailing changes to that faction to the UN HQ. At the HQ UN members will update each factions news.

[size=12pt]Once a month all ambassadors will join at the UN HQ to discuss events. Times will be decided at the start of each month to leave time to be ready.

[size=12pt]Ambassadors from Each Faction

[size=12pt]Farcoast - Robin_Hoodlum

[size=12pt]Please post below to announce your faction and ambassador!

[size=12pt]More news will be added shortly

[size=12pt]Ka_52 - Secretary General United Nations PCB

I think i would qualify for this pretty well because i am able to do a lot with what little power i have with me just being trusted on creative. :stuck_out_tongue:
I have been able to keep control of bad situations. At least enough to keep them from destroying everybody’s creations. Even in the latest grief attack i was able to come on and keep it under control. Granted if hard didn’t make that jail i would have had next to no power in these madders. But even in these hairy situations i still try to wait for the player to give me an reason to quickly take them to jail. I always wait for them to strike before i acuse them of nothing.
Pretty much all this is just me sayint that I think, I would be pretty good at keeping peace. XD

Your application has been accepted. Training starts on Friday, March 2nd.

Yay. :smiley: Now if i only knew what i applied for. ;D :wink:

I think a system like this would be quite useful if we went public! cough andy cough


Lol ggg. On the other hand it was wuite fun while it lasted. Count me in, i would like to be a negotiator.

Eh. Why not. I have to do this anyway as staff, but I am interested to see what the ‘missions’ are. The Assassins has gone tits up anyway as noone has anything for us to do >.>

So, short app:
Hi! My name is Liam599!

But no, seriously, idk what to put here, up to you if I’m accepted or not, you know me well enough to judge without an application.

You are accepted :). Training starts March 2nd.

Apologies, but I won’t be on at all between monday and friday this week, going on a geography field trip in south wales.

Thats fine. I will make a time that works for everyone.

I wana join because I clod help you with redstone that I’m very good at and I can build very good stuf like the boat the castle and I have never bin banned. I think I’m trustworthi for this group and If I get accepted can I just get the rank mechanic pls?

I’m sorry if I spelled something wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do. Not. Double. Post. Please.


You are welcome to join the UN. Training starts on Friday March 2nd or Sunday March 4th.

Hello Monsieur Ka, if you’re wondering why I called you Mr, it’s because even though you are younger as we both know, you are a higher rank, therefore requires the utmost respect. As for skills, you know of my pixel/skin/texture creating abilities on past projects. I am also able to speak in multiple languages and have near perfect grammatical and spelling. I am willing to under go any task put in place and face the challenges needed to prove my worth to join the U.N. of Project City Build. Thank you for considering.

Welcome aboard! Training starts on March 2nd.

Still not 100% sure what this adds upon, and maybe this is more useful for members who are non-staff. Anyways I’ll apply for anything, whatever there is really. I also would love to help “train” people if possible. I have been banned so that may be an issue (not joking look in ban appeals).

And waht about that machanic ramk ka?

Sip, I think that has been overlooked for a long long long time.

Also imma aplly for the hell of it.
I am me, you know me, no need for more of an app than this.