Minecraft Username: Unikitty1000

Date of Ban: 09/24/2020

Banned by: ?

Reason for Ban: Building without permission and ignoring staff.

Reason to be Unbanned: I was building shops in a mall with other admins, until I was banned for that reason. The reason why I want to be unbanned so I can build more, and this time I will ask permission.

Previous appeals: No

Hi Unikitty, you don’t appear to banned from our Minecraft server. Could you try again?

@Unikitty1000 @Mannriah

Sorry I’m a bit late, I was who banned Unikitty1000.

You were banned because you simply couldn’t follow basic instructions, ignored/couldn’t understand my instructions, built without permission, and acted as if you owned the entire mall in my city which was very strange and funny at first but eventually got annoying and irritating.

You also had an autoclicker activated which @Gordo reported, but you stopped, so that’s no factor in this ban but definitely something me and other staff will be watching you for.

Before all of this you built in Vexnorz’ city without permission. You were told by @thejoshua79 not to do that shortly after Vex/Joshua discovered you doing so. I’m not so sure what’s so hard to understand about not building unless you have permissions within someone else’s city? Seems like common sense to me.

Since you’ve never been banned, I feel it would be unfair to permanently ban you from the server, but I still feel a temporary punishment is in order here for your first offense.

I will unban you, but you will be on a probationary period where we will be keeping a closer watch on you and staff members will not hesitate to ban you again if you ignore staff instructions, break rules, etc. This period has no end date, but if you stay in good standing and don’t break rules/cause trouble you’ll be fine and people will forget this even happened. I can’t promise you that the next ban you get will only last for 16 hours if you get in trouble again while on this probationary period, so let’s just not break the rules and do what you did to get you banned here sound good?


  • Fili

okay, thank you :slight_smile: I will ask