Unhelpful Mods

Oh boy do I love asking for help from mods, only to be ignored and left in the dark. Why are people paying money to this server if they aren’t going to help the players on it what so ever.

Next time we’re both online, shoot me a message (Ramona)

Hey Assorted, sorry that you’ve been having issues with the moderators on the server. May I ask, what was the issue you were trying to get figured out?

I mean it was pretty simple, I was asking how to get approved for an area because I didn’t want to go looking for the answer on the forum. and then I also needed a quick to back to the area I was building at, and although there were mods talking in chat to other members, I was ignored.

Ah. My apologies for that then. I can answer your question with this: In order to get a warp (which I presume is what you mean by approved) you need 10 buildings, 7 of them have to be unique, and three must have interiors. If you need anything more, be sure to contact us on discord for further help! Sometimes in game alot of senior operators and admins are afk or trying to fix something internally with the server or even vanished but forgot to log off, however for Moderators and Operators I’ve addressed the issue to the staff team. We’ve all unfortunately been preparing for exams (including the SOPs and Admins), and we haven’t had the time for these past few months to be genuinely active on the server, however if you contact us on discord someone should be able to come on to assist you. Again, I’m sorry this happened, but if you ever need help, discord is absolutely the best way to go.

Alrighty thanks man. Big help