Unexpected Downtime [RESOLVED]

Hey everyone,

Unfortunately our current server host has decided that they can’t host our server any more. We’ve been able to obtain a new (better!) server and are migrating to that at the moment. Unfortunately that requires the server to be down for some time. We do not expect there to be any data loss.

We don’t know when this migration will be complete, but we expect it won’t take more than a few days. We’ll let you know when we have updates on here and on discord.

Thank you for your understanding,
PCB Management

Thanks a bunch to @Andy and @_specialk for finding us a new server at super short notice :heart:


Do you know if any rollback occured during this time and if build history was lost?

There should not be any data loss at all

Man like the one day I decided to come back and check on the server, rip.

Sorry :cry: :heart:

when do think it will be back up

Unfortunately it’s taking longer to migrate our data from the old server than we expected, as we believe our connection to it is being throttled. We’ll keep you updated with our progress.

Man, this would happen on one of those rare days I get a MC urge :open_mouth:


Darn! Looking forward to it being back up!

Update time! We’ve now been able to get all the data we need off the old server. Unfortunately this took a lot longer than we expected due to problems with our old host, so sorry about that. We’ll be back up as soon as we can. Thanks everyone for your patience!

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We’ve got the new server set up and we just need to fix a few small issues, make sure our plugins are all working and then we’ll be ready to go. Thanks for your patience again.

Please don’t try to join the server yet, we’re just putting in the finishing touches before we come back online properly.