Underwater Seismic Activity & El Nino ----- What This Could Mean for Rancho

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Seismic activity and the warming ocean temperatures have scientists wondering, when is Rancho Cucamonga due for it’s biggest natural disaster in city history?

Rancho Cucamonga has been a relatively stable city climate-wise for the past year and a half, but could events miles away trigger the perfect storm of catastrophic destruction throughout the state?

Scientists overwhelmingly agree…


“Rancho Cucamonga is literally only held up by a cliffside hugging one of the must unstable oceans in PCB history.”

Scientist and cartographer Luis Ynez worries for his state, and believes that underwater seismic activity in the Fictitious Ocean east of RC, although felt by few along the coast, is something to worry about.

"This seismic activity could be a telling sign of something much worse for the city of Rancho Cucamonga, and could mean what once was saltwater and low-lying coral, could be replaced by a massive uninhabited desert range spanning well east into Santo Bernardo county.

Residents along the coastline city of Long Beach are up in arms about the reports of the real estate values of their homes and businesses being in limbo, and some have already started packing their bags for greener pastures. Did I say greener pastures? I meant a desert expanse, as most residents seem to be dead-set on moving to either Blue Diamond, NV or Santa Fierro, CA.

“Real estate values east of the 110 have completely crashed, my house was worth $3,500,000.00 in September but after these reports, my house has an estimated value of only $230,500.00 . This is absolutely insane and none of this can be true, but yet real estate moguls seem to believe something a random community college grad scientist has to say about my home city. Are you f****** kidding me?”

Only time will tell.

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CHANNEL 69 KTRC NEWS— UPDATE —The city of Sealock has been drowned by a sudden Tsunami caused by underwater seismic activity![size=-webkit-xxx-large]

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CHANNEL 69 KTRC NEWS— UPDATE —[color=rgb(255, 165, 0)][size=-webkit-xxx-large]

Ah yes, the one massive downside to living in SoCal


 I've packed my bags, and I'm moving to Blue Diamond, NV.

fck Drives back to portland :stuck_out_tongue:

Aye 2012 Repeated Eh?

Calls Real Estate Agent “Uh Ya… I wana sell my home in Rancho…”

[Insert Elevator Music]

Reply " We are sorry to inform you we cannot make any transactions buy/sell in our Rancho Offices, they are currently underwater" -.- XD

Not with our budget, we cant afford roads. Or gas. #PortlandProblems

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