As I’m sure MANY of you have heard, there is a game named Undertale that released recently. It is an Indie title, made by a developer named Toby Fox. It’s everywhere on the internet on sites like reddit or tumblr, and getting much-deserved praise. It emphasizes on the idea of video games today. Beating it for completion-sake, not actually EXPERIENCING it.

This game isn’t as much of a game, as it is an EXPERIENCE.

It’s available on Steam, for USD $10. I’m playing through it a fourth time currently, and can see myself playing it numerous times after this. I highly recommend this game, and am glad to answer any questions anyone has about it.

Undertale is a work of art, and a very unique one at that.

It harps on the concept that you don’t HAVE to kill anything if you don’t really want to.
Wonderful game, and beautiful soundtrack to boot.