Under Sea Railway line

Basically, I think there should be a railway network that goes under the sea to connect some of the cities that have no rail connections. I am looking for people who own some unconnected cities and any other people who want just want to get involved to help with this project. Some of the cities I plan to connect are Ghetto, Ventria and Bayside, because these only have ferry ports. I think this railway will be at about -100. Reply if you want to help.

Hi there! AngelSentinel speaking on behalf of National Railways.

We’ve been somewhat inactive in expanding the NR network recently, but we do have several undersea railway lines. If there are any cities that you are the mayor of / that you have permission to modify that you would like connected to the network, please let me or @Amphitryon know.

In the cases of the cities you mentioned, Ghetto, Bayside, and Ventria:

[ul][li]The owner of Ghetto is inactive (at least last time I checked, somebody correct me if this has changed)[/li]
[li]The owner of Bayside, @mobhuntah, has specifically asked me to refrain from putting a stop in his city after I offered him the opportunity[/li]
[li]I don’t know who the owner of Ventria (is it you?), but I think they are probably inactive since I haven’t heard much coming from that city recently.[/li][/ul]

We don’t add stops to abandoned cities because that technically counts as griefing (modifying someone else’s builds without their permission). Ultimately, it’s up to city owners to decide whether or not they want a rail system to reach their city and letting city owners choose also ensures that rail styles are consistent with city design.

Thanks for your interest.

Elton currently has no railway service unless you count an NR overhead rail that likely predates the city. I don’t know, but I’m having severe password troubles, and if I either fix it or buy a new account, I’ll help you do it. I don’t want any modifications to Elton by anyone during my absence, but Ill be back, and better than ever. ::slight_smile:

I am a co-owner of Jahvrapolis, Jahbrenpanvilla is the other co-owner. The closest NR line to us runs overhead through Lonlia (The city closest to Elton). We would love an extension of the line to our city! :slight_smile:

i would like to say is im owner of jahvraopills not co-owner and i am not sure if i want the line but i do need more connection from me and vrajitor94 city

I’ll definitely discuss plans to expand the Burnton line that goes over all of above mentioned cities with @Amphitryon.

We generally only expand to cities that have warps, but we might make an exception, depending on how the city looks.

well are city do have a warp just so you know

I’d like to point out, Harry, that you have no current connection with UTC-NR at all. I’ve discussed this with you, and there’s no real point to having such a rail system there. Do you know how far apart those places are? That’s basically an entire side of the Creative2 map. There’s already ferries going there. And to be honest, it’s not like people really use the train line much anyway. The only reason I chose the towns I did is that they either already have ports or have active owners. It’s just unnecessary.
Also, Ventria is octo’s, I think.

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