I have been unbannd i am not using nay hacking software i am with somone else who has also been unbanned you should fix this if this unnbanned everyone it could be bad

Hi, I am the someone else he is talking about.

I was banned waaaayyy back in 2012, I should have appealed the ban back then, because the person I griefed was my IRL friend and we had made peace with it shortly after… but I didn’t.

So today, I was trying to appeal the ban on the site, but the menu option didn’t go anywhere. I decided to try joining the server anyway and it worked somehow.

So I guess this is an informal appeal?
Just wanted to get my side of the story out there.

just to add this me and my friends were talking about the server so i just try to join and I actually joined IGN is Trumanator0 so you can RE-ban

I reported this becuase i still care and if other people who mean harm are unbanned it close be bad for everyone if they decided im grief and others said the same