Unban 05ocram05

Dear staff i connected to the server and i was banned
Server: smp/cmp
Who banned you: i dont know
Reason for ban:it says banhammes hasnspoken (i think pestering staff)
Please i wanna join pcb again ill never of my life pester the staff again because i love pcb im so so so sorry

~friendly greerings and excuse of 05ocram05

You are not on the ban list http://projectcitybuild.com/banlist.php?sort=time&order=desc

Im really banned tough if i try to join it says:
The banhammer has spoken and i cnant get on web p.s. Im really sad now :’(
Conclusion Banned

sorry, the other day when you pissed me off so bad pestering staff and spamming the chat, i tried an IP ban since you were on the WEB but to no avail.

bottom line. you clog up the chat bitching about stuff again i will temp ban again.

im hoping you learned your lesson.

UPDATE: im currently at work. i tried to unban the IP today, and it wouldn’t let me. if Kyle, Liam or Hard see this do you mind trying? see if maybe it works for you. it wouldn’t for me and Ka this morning
im hoping you learned your lesson.

Ocram is telling me that he is still banned. Do we know why we cannot fix this?

Some people seen me on web i was by my gradma and now still by grandma
My home ip is banned so i cant check / make screens when im home ill post an update


I’ve checked the ban list.
I’ve checked the IP’s
None are banned.
There are no ban triggers to his name, as far as I can tell. Who’ever banned him did something incredibly wrong. I see no reason why you would IP ban him.

I’ll have sip or spec read the actual logs and check/remove him manually.


Resolved. Locked.