I was banned and by Ka, and /kill’ed by Shadowmeir. for arguing about the name of the UN which me and robin had newly established. I was just trying to give my side of the story but the staff was being way too defensive for me to get my side in. That in which resulted in a ban. I am sorry for my behavior and I promise nothing like this will ever happen again. Although I would like to get my Xp levels back. Thank you for your consideration. I would also like to add that This UN idea had nothing to do with the previous UN that I am told used to exist on an older map. This new UN that was established by me and robin as based off a real world UN (Which had nothing to do with Ka’s (or whoevers it was, UN) Again I am truely sorry.

Thank you for submitting this report. However I must say that I did not kill you. You can check the logs >.>

What my issue is, is that you both decided to cross me, knowing I had made a UN and decided to make a new one.

I am sorry but I believe you need to remain banned.

ok, lemme straighten this out a bit.

I KILLED YOU. Reason being that you and robin were both being little pricks about the whole UN business.

EVERYONE on this server SHOULD know, (unless the literally JUST joined), that Ka has been the leader of the UN for a couple years now, it does not mean he is not just cause he hasn’t done anything with it. tbh, with there being no factions/ wars for a while now, there has been no need for a UN, with the exception of when Meta and Mr coconut were going at each others throats over a small dispute. Ka is the mediator of our community. if there is a dispute, Ka is the one who fixes the problems.

Im not sure of what your so-called “UN” does, but as far as i can tell, it dosn’t handle or fix disputes, so far it has created some, and if that is going to be the case, i can’t see how you would be able to hold the title of leader of the UN.

I would have to agree with Ka though. unless your additude changes to something that is more suitable for a trustworthy member of PCB, i believe you should be banned for a while. Maybe this will give you some time to think about how you are doing things, and how to better yourself. Maybe one thing you should think about fixing is how to better respect people who have a higher standing in the community? we are staff for a reason you know. we don’t like being hardasses anymore than you like being banned, but it comes to it that when people act the way you do, we have to.

That is my 2 cents anyways.

Listen anima, you could’ve had your chance if you would’ve just listened to us. But you just HAD to get on your high horse and act like you own the damn server. It was your attitude that got you banned. All we asked was you change the name of the UN since it is officially ka’s, brodurs and zestys, and you flat out told me “Dont care, they havent done anything with it, we built a capitol, its ours now.”

Like what the hell man? The entire staff is fed up with your attitude and especially me, you talk down to all of us as if we don’t have any authority over you at all. Your only a member, you have just as much power in the community as every other member and the only thing you’ve contributed is a bunch of headaches and bullshit.

Maybe you can get a second chance in the future, but as of now, I think you should remain banned. Sorry.

This… is a very odd reason to ban someone. Frankly, I would like to hear a valid reason for a ban. If someone is annoying to the point that you really want them gone, a temp-ban is more reasonable (not quite, but better).

I don’t see how anyone can claim a monopoly on a name or organization. Especially since (as far as I know) the old UN has not been active as a group. It makes sense to rename them a little differently for identification’s sake, but not as a rule.

Do we know ani’s purpose for his UN? Did he intend to use it to boss others around with fake authority, or simply have fun? We really do not need a “real” UN in the first place since it is ALL staff’s jobs to settle disputes. The only reason I never objected to the UN was because I thought staff was fulfilling their roles through a network of volunteers and the “UN”. I never thought the UN would BE a kind of power in and of itself.

So what if someone wants to claim they are the King of England? That’s the way I see this claim of “Leader of the UN”.

Thoughts? I need a few opinions from other staff.

i mean honestly, that is kinda like if someone took the name of Treetop and started building a town under that name as thier own for me.

Same reason that no one was really making a “Forsyth” or “Paradise Falls” as much as i would like to be able to claim my own version of those areas, i have the respect to not make a creation of my own, and name it something else.

I honestly think it boils down to not asking Ka about the usage of UN name before using it. and honestly, this isnt the first time for me that Ani has been disrespectful to staff members, nor is it his only faults. he makes me not want to get on because of his attitude, and his whiney disposition. i honestly think he needs to be banned a while, to one: learn some respect, and two, to change his attitude, i know that several staff are frankly sick of him.
Myself included.

I have been speaking to Italian about the issue in steam. He believes that the issue with Ani is not about the name at all, but his attitude. I can see this and perhaps even agree that it is worth a temp ban for a while. From my perspective, Ani and robin were in the right with their creation of a new UN.

My reasoning? Your examples of “Forsyth” and “Paradise Falls” etc are unique names. They are easily considered private use terms for your creations. The UN however, is public domain. I mean, why can’t two people create the Eiffel tower and both use the name for it? The United Nations is a global organization. There is no reason we can’t have 2 or 10 of them. It all depends on how that group play’s pretend. If they try to use it as real authority, there is a problem.

We have never addressed the issue of public domain here, but I think the concept makes sense. If it exists in the real world, we can use it here. If someone creates something new, it is their property in name as well.

Quite honestly, from anima’s appeal and ka’s response alone, it’s a pretty pathetic reason.

I know that Ka set up the 1st UN, but ON THIS MAP, nothing has been done with it. I think we all agreed this would be a fresh start so I don’t see why the name ‘UN’ should be such an issue. Also, as Kyle said, the UN IRL is a world organisation. It’s public domain (as much as any military force can be).

Ital and Shad put a SLIGHTLY better perspective on the situation by saying it was more the attitude rather than the name. I can see this being a kick, maybe even a 24 hour temp ban, but not a full ban. That’s just ridiculous.

In my opinion, this was out of order. After a MAXIMUM of 24 hours after the ban was made I want anima unbanned. There was no reason for a full ban.

Locked. Can either Ka, Shad or Ital tell me this is going to happen please.

I will see to it that ethos happens tonight.

They have both been unbanned.