Un-ban appeal

After being absent from the Sever for some time, I was informed when trying to get back on that I have been banned. While stuck dumb to as why, my attention finally drifted to the reason of ban. The reason (stole blocks from the module) brought to mind a crime long forgotten.[size=1em]This crime was during my first time any survival server. I was younger and foolish. One of the Mods (I don’t remember who) can testify to me stealing food during my first hour of coming onto the server and starving.
After becoming used to the Live-map, I discovered a large “cave” that was not marked. Upon discovering it and seeing that it wasn’t used, I made haste to grab Iron blocks and get out. I came back a couple more times and then stop my raids all together. This is what happened.

Yes, I do plead guilty to this crime of Grand Theft Ingot. My plead for the the whitelist is that I’m willing to pay for the damages in Iron I currently have and other supplies. Money may also be used in the payment if you wish.

This is my plea, humble, hopeful, and pathetic.


Edit: The link in the rules topic for the form to fill out is broken.

I personally believe that Charks should be Unbanned, I believe in second chances, and this post is a great appeal. However, i did not ban him (adding who did in a second) , and cannot make the decision by myself.

He was banned by YMB

I would like to know if you took any items out of some chests in the module because there were some items missing from some peoples chests…

Yes, I did take some of the items, especially some of the trivial items like cobblestone and rotten flesh. I think I might have taken some high end items too. Please tell me so I can make replacements.

There was a lot of iron blocks taken from the module with your name on it, but since you personally admit to your crimes without the usual dumb founded expression and denying it i will personally unban you. All i ask in return is that you return the items that you have taken and everything will be fine like it was.

Return all the iron that you have taken and also items taken from chests if you can remember what.

Unbanned and locked.