Ummmm Help?

Yeah, my pickaxe went away, and now im traped in this small space, how could i get out???

LOL! i dont even… how did y… what the f…

If you save and quit then load up the map again then you will be back at spawn =]

LOL nice! but yeah, leave and come back

That, is something I have never seen lol. But yeah as John said just load it up again.

now see, thats the issue…
MY SPAWN WAS RIGHT ABOVE THIS!!! I had to ragequit the profile and restart. -_- so now i dont have the waraxe nooktoon gave me! anyone wanna spasre some materials for me?

I’m sure you can jump out of holes that size… I mean, if you fell in then you must be able to get out.

That could be a bug, where you have covered over part of your spawn, so have spawned in the ground. Try moving to the left, and filling in what you can in the right of the hole, then relog. That might cause you to spawn back on top, if so, then fill in the rest of the hole xD

its a shame about your char, the best way to deal with something like that is to go to another map where your not stuck, buy or make a cheepy picaxe, return to the map in the pic then free yourself.

Might help in the future if you have the same ‘WTF?!’ problem =]

zak u said u lost your war axe of night i got one caue i saw it lying on the ground maybe its yours

just to update this article, im well beyond this. i have much better supplies, and im good now