Uhm its been years! (literally)

Was I forgotten or does anyone remember me?

The name is familiar. Regardless, welcome back!

Haha thanks! Its been like 3 years since I’ve actually been able to get on this website and all so I’m not surprised. Sadly I can only be on the forums right now. I don’t have the extra money to buy the full game yet. u.u

Dont recall the name but welcome back :slight_smile:

Thanks :smiley:

Were you a Classic builder, by chance? If so, I do believe I remember you.

Indeed! I had posted in a ban appeal of yours years ago!

I remember the name, you played classic, yes?

If you were classic you wouldn’t have known me since I joined this community when we made the switch. Anyways my name’s Mark, welcome (back) to PCB. Hopefully we can start seeing you soon in game. It’s probably gonna be a huge shock learning how to play survival especially since theres a ton of blocks you’ve never seen before if you only played classic

As the others said, the name does ring a bell! I was frequently(always) on classic so I should remember you. If you knew me then my ign was liam599.

Welcome back! :slight_smile:

I remember you. Hi.

Haha yeah I did play classic until my mother got mad at me for some reason. It was resolved but I don’t remember how I got banned… I think it was a mix up…

Yep ^^

Haha probably! Thanks! ^^ Though I’m going to have to get the extra money to buy the game.

Haha yeah I remember you. Thanks! :smiley:

I was never on classic, but hey!

We’ve actually had another classic player, awww, return recently!

Just one thing, please don’t double, triple, quadruple etc. post! If you want to add more to a previous post, use the modify button at the top of it.

Hi :smiley:

Haha cool :smiley:

Sorry I’ll fix that in a sec

Already fixed it for you, just don’t do more in the future please :slight_smile:

Thanks, and I’ll remember not to.

You should recognize me. I was on often back then. Not sure what phase of classic you played on, but I think it was when I ran classic. Perhaps before. I think you told me the meaning of your # in your name. If I remember correctly, it is wrong now.

Your old map was last edited 8/9/2012. And yep, I still have it.

The name definitely rings a bell :slight_smile:

Ah, yeah. It was when you ran the classic, I remember. And yeah I think I did tell you the meaning didn’t I? Yeah, it is wrong now. And wow you still have it? xD It really was kind of a terrible map…

Well I was on classic pretty often back in 2012 (before the website was blocked due to annoying parents…) So I’m sure a lot of people who played back then remember.

Hey Liliana! :smiley: Good to see I’m not the only one who decided to come back :slight_smile:
Hope to see you soon in the full game!