UHm? banned?

I just got on the server for the first time in a couple weeks and it says ive been banned? can i atleast know why?

Which server was this? Classic or SMP?


ok, i just got on the server today and it wouldnt let me connect, said i was banned. i havent done anything that im aware of that was wrong. this is the smp server im talkin about. help?

You were banned because you stole lightstone from my city and tunneled into Brodur’s home, All his chests were locked. These are griefs and I assume you might have stolen all of Brodur’s items.

TO be honest i dont remember doing any of that. and if i did im sorry. can i please have a second chance? i was really starting to like the server becuz it is one of the few ive played on where there is a constant communtiy. All im asking for is a second chance. ill do whatever i can to repay damages

Bah. Unlocking this topic and merging the second topic with this one.

I locked this topic and posted the link for a reason so that you could read it and follow it.
Use common sense next time.

Also, in response to brodur’s items, i was exploring and found that area, i thought it was abandoned so i was just trying to scavenge something, but all the chests were locked already, i think if i took anything it was maybe a piece of cotton that was sitting out and whatever dirt i dug to get past the door. next time, if i am allowed to get back on, ill ask a op or admin if an area has been deserted and if its ok to scavenge

can i please get a final answer? the suspense of not ebing able to play on my favorite server is killing me. i check the forum everyday in hopes that im unbanned. i am truly sorry.

You have been unbanned with one chance. Keep in mind that regardless of whether an area is abandoned, pillaging/scavenging is classified as griefing. If you are ever unsure ask an OP, don’t assume.