I go to the market today and see this. do you guys see the signs like this or is it just me?

[attachment deleted by admin due to data loss]

Yes its like that after the issue you know that one… nice 27" imac tho I use one everyday now, for stu gov of course.

yeah, looks the same for me :stuck_out_tongue:

This is an issue that was caused when we cut and rotated a big hunk of city. It seems the signs and torches did not like the move, so they stayed where they were.

Damn stubborn signs! Feel free to help fix the torches at least. I started fixing them, but it will take ages.

Wait! I think I have a brilliant way to fix the issue! Why don’t we try to use world edit to /replace the torches with glowstone or something and then /replace those with torches.

It should reset the positions of all of them. I don’t know the radius of the issue, but I will test it.

Edit: Indeed it worked! It takes a while for the torches to align themselves, but it gets the job done. I do need help getting the whole city fixed. I don’t think signs will work the same.
Can we selectively cut, rotate, and paste signs alone?