Uhem, I donated~ o3o

So, I’m new to all this, and well, I’m following a post one of the admins(I think) made~

Therefore, I would like the Spawn Eggs of the following please:



I really like this server, and well, made some friends too while being here for just a short time. So, I would be most honored to send many many more~

Any who, have to continue playing on le best server ever~! ^~^7

Thanks so much for donating!

Why thank you! Just a quick note: donation doesn’t immunise you from the rules!

The usual reminder I see. Thanks! Hope you enjoy the perks!

Thank you for your donation! It means a lot to us! =D

Thanks for the donation!

thanks for keeping the server alive!!! :wink:

Money and spawn eggs have been given. Thanks for donating!

Thank you for that nice donation to keep this server alive.