UGotMilked - a long time ago


Minecraft Username UGotMilked

Date of Ban a long time ago
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by i dont i tryed to get back on and i was baned

Reason for Ban breaking glass

Reason to be Unbanned im really sorry and I wont do it again

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

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The staff member who banned you was Johnlh97. The reason for the ban was glass breaking in steampunk, and lava grief.

You broke glass in a lot of homes in steampunk just to get inside the houses who also had normal doors… I take that as a attempt of theft

Not exactly, but it’s still griefing, regardless.

John is at is grandparents house atm. so im not sure how soon he will see this.

Yomi was actually the one that reported it to me(before she was Mod).

As it was her that found it originally, I will let her deal with it. I personally dont remember the incident too well.

the thing was that in a lot of houses exactly 2 glass panels where broken so you’d fit inside.

My question: Why?
Why make a ban appeal now after 2-3 weeks?

If you get un banned I will Never allow you inside steampunk again so the question is for all the others if they find it oke you get back.

ok well that is great and all but we need to come to a consensus. we can’t just leave this sucker sitting here forever

I’m still waiting for a explanation from him but he ain’t answering so that gives me the idea he doesn’t really want to get back…
I give 2 days for a reply

Bumping this so the player may view it.

lack of posting is lacking. locked denied unban.