Two Years..?

So apparently today is my two year. I had no idea until 5 minutes ago I checked the date. January 14th. I’m still a youngster by @MrFerf 's standards (hes been on PCB for like 3 more years, and hes also 14 days older than I am) so I still have a long way to go. In these past two years I’ve made friends, lost some, become the first guide, earned mod, and have done various other things. I’d give a shoutout to all my friends, which there are many of and thats exactly why I’m not going to give everyone a shoutout. You already know who you are, so thank you. I’d like to give a special shoutout to Maddy, which you all probably expected. I dont know who or where I would be if I didnt go through the last few years without her by my side. Thank you everyone. Looks like my terrible twos/toddler years are beginning.

also thanks lewis

Happy two years on PCB, Joe. My two years are coming up too. I hope to see you in-game, all day, today.

This present may keep you occupied for 48 minutes, enjoy!


ive listened to this like 3 times already and gladly will a fourth, thank you

Congratiomaalatiaonsaoenns on being addicted to this horridly druglike server :smiley:

Congrats on two years lovely. You have come so far and im SO proud of you. I’m glad to call you my best friend. You have been there for me through thick and thin and I am grateful for you.

Happy two years, and more to come. :slight_smile:

I like to think that I would be in that shout out :slight_smile:

but seriously, its been great knowing you for the last 2 years. We have gone through countless debates, arguments and a bunch of other stuff which I have loved so much. I can’t believe I found a person that is YOUNGER than me and still loves the god that is David BOWWWIEEE and Queen so thanks :smiley:


Stalin :slight_smile: (inside joke between us)


thank you everyone, and yes Stalin, you’d be on that list :slight_smile:


Congrats bud

thanks m8

we are no longer on speaking terms if you don’t ammend that first post to incl. how great i am (to you)

Congrats joe!

it was nice knowing you :slight_smile:

I gave you a special one because im sooo nice `

Congratz :smiley:

Congratulations Joe!! =D

Congratulations guy, keep it real.