Twitter & Youtube

[size=1.45em]Exciting news! PCB’s twitter and Youtube are now up and running!

We’ve been tweeting for a while now, and the first PCB Video is being uploaded now. As nobody seemed to know the security questions for the old account, anybody who subscribed to the old channel will have to subscribe to the new one. Both are run by myself and Javi. Once we’ve got the Youtube channel off the ground, people will be able to submit their own videos (only if they’re good enough ;D ).

If you follow us on twitter (and we can work out who you are in game) we’ll follow back!

At the moment the buttons at the top of the page link to the wrong Twitter and Youtube (pokes @_andy ), hopefully we can get that sorted soon! Fixed! Thanks andy!

Octo and Javi

Links updated. Nice work guys :smiley:

I want in on the next destructive video. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice work! Hopefully these ones will remain more active than the old ones. You could make a playlist of videos from the old channel so they appear on this one too, that’d be good.

Done! Two things:

Firstly, Fatso dun goof been naughti boi

Secondly, vaio sounds like a 9 year old girl in the lets plays. Possibly because she was

The filming of that video was just hilarious. Part 2 will be even better :stuck_out_tongue:

Good job! Looks fun. Looking forward to more videos



No point uploading the old skoolz lessons, music and crappy recording makes it bad mkay?