Turkish Coup

The Turkish military is currently overthrowing the government. The President is reportedly seeking asylum in Germany.

In Turkey the military does not answer to the government. They were told by Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey, to ensure that the government remained secular (non-religious). They have successfully done this several times before.

The British Foreign office is advising people to remain where they are, as clashes between the pro-government police and overthrowing millitary may endanger people.

So, in theory. are we Potentially fucked?

The military’s previous coups have almost always resulted in a moderate, secular government. Erdogan was moving the country towards a religious state. This could potentially be good, but equally could not be. The military are by no means inexperienced in overthrowing religious governments.

However, Turkey’s main Kurdish political party, who were suppressed and imprisoned by Erdogan have come out AGAINST the coup, when a mew secular government would benefit them.

Well that’s reassuring

Situation getting more complicated: senior millitary officials saying they are not involved in coup. This is unusual as if it was an ‘official’ resecularisation then they would be involved.

Erdogan is now seeking british asylum. Our new foreign secretary wrote a limerick about Erdogan having sex with goats. That may cause some friction.

Turkey possesses nuclear weapons, as they are a part of NATO. I doubt there will be a DEFCON situation, though,

I have seen the news (CNN), and the news shows two sides. One side has the population supporting the military using handshakes and pats on the soldiers’ backs. The other side is chaos, as the people stand against the military. According to CNN, no side holds complete control of Turkey.

Here’s an article from the news: http://www.cnn.com/2016/07/15/world/live-blog-turkey/index.html
Once clicking on the article, you will be taken to a video taken place near the Istanbul Bridge, a bridge connecting Europe, and Asia, with people taking cover, after hearing gunshots.

It appears that the coup may have failed. Several high-profile figures who were being held by the military have been recovered.