[Tsumai] Need supplies

Hey people it’s MrSkee here. I’ve been working on a medieval survival city project called Tsumai(/warp Tsumai). I’ve noticed that i really run out of supplies fast, as my buildings require a lot of detail. I’m asking for donations of any leftovers of these items:

-Oak Logs
-Oak Stairs
-Oak Planks
-Oak Slabs
-Stone Brick
-Cobble Stone(Ik it’s stupid but i just need A LOT of it)
-Any Smelted or non smelted ores
-Other Types of logs, planks, stairs, and slabs
-Anything you would think would be useful for a medieval town

Yellow = Moderate amount

Thanks guys. I’m not asking you to go out of your way to cut trees for me but i would really appreciate any leftovers you have to donate them to me.
I made two donation chests right outside the spawn building at /warp Tsumai. Any donation is appreciated.
[Please dont leave crap]

Thanks <3

Will be donating as time goes. I always find myself with random extra wool.

I’ll certainly be leaving some wool! Also, I think you should make a chest specifically for cobble, you’re gonna get a lot! ;D

Cool Thanks!

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