I've been playing one the server for quite a long time, I was only banned once because my brother was on my mc account doing stupid things (i still dont know if it was actually him or another one of my siblings, ughhh i have a huge family!!! a 8 yr old, 11 yr old, 12 yr old thats wyatt, me, 17 yr old and a 18 yr old who is out of the house YAY i got one less, one less problem!! that was lyrics to arianas song!!! lol), u all have probably met him, annanikki11, is my brother, who was banned and then unbanned and banned again, he's a little hyper sometimes, and doesnt know whats ok and not ok.
     I'd like to be trusted, I'm honest, fair, smart (my mom was going to put me in a high school math class my first yr of jr high, but she decided not to, because i was going to get buillied for sure in that class, being how short i am), I am in honors Math and Science (but i gotta admit, my brains dead right now, its summer, i gotta start doing those algebra math problems on that worksheet :P), I would be in Social Studies honors if my school didn't pair S.S. with English, I hate writing! Im OCD so its EXTREMELY ANNOYING!!! Sometimes i try to ignore it by just writing without looking at the page, then i cant read it, my gosh! Do u know how hard it is to copy notes from off the board when I'm like this? HARD!!! Grrrr I hate my handwriting! I sound stupid :P lol
     I'm very friendly, and I always try to be, (im gonna be honest)but I'm emotional so just tell me to cool off very politely if I'm grumpy, there shouldn't be problems though unless I'm ticked off at one of my family members.
     I'm fair, if someone griefs someone else, I will report them no matter what, no excuse like "I was going to put it back" will be accepted, if they griefed, they griefed.
     Bullying will never be ok under my watch, it never is anyway! I was bullied a couple times at school, and I've been bullied by my older sister (18) ever since I was 3, I'm not exaggerating, she would rub things in my face saying it was hers, when I was 3. Here's a time she buliied me for stupid things: when I was three and we all went to lego land (i have a pretty good memory), I remember mom wanting to take a picture of us kids next to the lego lion, u can stick ur head through, it detected motion, then it would make a roar, and it terrified me, then mom wanted everyone to stick there head through and then I remember starting to cry thinking "If I stick my head through the lion, then take it back out it would close its mouth and eat me" pretty irrational but I was 3, she bullied me the rest of the trip saying I was a "chicken" and that "the lion wasn't real, cry baby" My mom has the picture of us next to the lion, but I bet she doesn't know where it is. My point of the story is: I know what it feels like, and I will not tolerate it
      I talk too much, so I can keep anyone company :P that's not a really good reason but, ehhh, its true, look how long this is -.- waaaaaayyyy to long :P
      I hope you guys will consider it
      -Sage Crosby

never gonna get it now mate, you don’t ask :stuck_out_tongue:

to get trusted you need to:

-be an active and strong part of the community
-be known among staff as a kind and friendly person, that can generally be trusted not to break rules
-not ask for it

also, being arrogant doesn’t help much either.

oh… i was just trying to point out that im a good person to rankup, i didnt realize i was basically asking, untili proof read it after i read ur comment

title: Trusted?

I'd like to be trusted
I hope you guys will consider it

yeah :confused:

Well, to be honest. We usually frown on people who ask for trusted but the tone of your message wasn’t too bad, quite friendly.

You’re mainly presenting yourself and yes, suggesting you should get trusted. You have been on this server for a little while, true but its not about time!

Try and talk to staff members! Get to know all of them and them know you!

And then who knows? Maybe you’ll get some good news soon…

Locked because this is not how getting trusted works on PCB. :slight_smile: