Trusted making channels on ts

So it has come to my attention that trusted should be able to create temporary locked channels in ts. it is very annoying when u are trying to talk to someone and other people join in. I really think that this should be a thing. we cannot spam the ts if it is only temporary, maybe we could even have a separate rank?

if this is not implemented then something has to change because I am so sick of not being able to talk in private without people joining in. Please help staff.

People join the channels to see what’s going on. Most people can join locked channels anyway, so this wouldn’t work. I’ll make a do not disturb channel, that’ll do.

Also, you could try being a bit more polite than flipping out when people don’t even necessarily know you’re trying to do something privately. Use skype or something even. Teamspeak is public.

alright I just wanted a solution I am sorry if I came out rude. that was my bad and I apologize. I just think that it is annoying when people come in then I say we are trying to talk in private then they just keep following us. I also feel like the do not disturb channel is to little of a solution maybe a sub-channel for it? thank you for listening to my complaint. BTW not everyone has skype but most people have ts, and u can only join locked channels if u have the password or you are a sop.

Yeah… I’d use Skype or ooVoo for something that is better kept private.

Yes teamspeak is for talking to the ‘team’ like liam and yoshi said use Skype :slight_smile:

Pretty sure any staff can join passworded ones. Skype is free too.

Nope, only the SOP and Admin rank can do this. There aren’t that many locked channels so the feature isn’t needed for other ranks.

As for creating channels, again only the SOP and Admin rank can do that, and the last time people had that power they were creating random unneeded channels…

Like everyone else has been saying, if you want to talk to somebody in private use Skype, Steam, oovoo, etc. If the person you want to talk to doesn’t have any of those then tell them to get one, they’re all free to use. If that doesn’t work then message each other privately ingame or on the forums. You have plenty of options to choose from.