Trusted+ having /seen

Hey it’s Claudia here! I just would like to ask if us trusted and donators could have /seen. I think Trusteds and donators should have /seen because it is useful. We wouldn’t have to ask staff members all the time. I find that giving Trusteds+ /seen wouldn’t hurt.


i do agree, this is a good idea. it is not like a ban command and this can be useful in many ways. i think this could be negotiable by the staff, because /seen hasn’t effected a lot of people unlike /ban

I agree. I think it should be Trusted and up rather than donators because we became trusted for a reason, y’know? Donating is optional. I dont see the harm in having the command.

I agree, I really do want this so I can tell when my friends were last on :^) & stuff.

The reason why Trusted and normal members do not have access to this command is because it contains that person’s IP address. We do this for the safety of the players, so some people can’t do stupid shit to other people. Otherwise, we would have given it to you guys.

I have been on numerous servers that have a version of the /seen command that does not show the IP. Maybe it is an entirely different plugin or we can just change it in the config. I also agree with @maddygabbyy that only Trusted+ should have it and not donator.

Also I totally disagree that trusted should only have it .why donaters cant have it too?

because you can become donator in a day or shorter.

I don’t see the actual need for it actually. is you need a staff member that isn’t online there are always all the steam connections and messaging on the forums.

whats wrong with that ? .Even if donaters have it ,they cant harm anybody.

then why don’t you just give it to guests :stuck_out_tongue:

If it does indeed contain the I.P address, you can pay 2 dollars for donator and get an I.P address of as many people you know of on the server, and with that I’m fairly certain you can DDOS as much as you want.

Wolfy not all donators are like you, imagine if someone ended up with your IP adress who thinks he got wrongly banned and wants to get back at some people: it really isn’t safe.

Secondly its a matter of principle, trusted have worked hard to become trustworthy and deserve to have more influence and more perks than donators on this server. So I ask you is it fair that someone gets access to the same amount as perks as a trusted in a single day, when trusted have been working their socks off for the past 6-7 months? (On average that is)

Lastly I don’t see what the big deal is, can you really not handle the wait for a staff member to come on and tell you when he was last /seen? Can i also say there are fresh mods on this server ready to help you + you can just /mail send a staff member with the request and he can mail it to you back when he comes on.

It is SO unneeded, and provides a potential tool for harassment, wrongdoing, and invasion of privacy.

Not. Happening. It’s been asked before, and denied before. If you REALLY want to know when someone was on last, ask staff, PM them on forums, /msg in game, /mail in game, hell, contact the member on your own time, get their steam, etc.

Yeah. 9 times out of 10, commands some ranks don’t have don’t have them for a really good reason.

I personally don’t see the need as it’s very rare that anyone ever asks and the Staffing team are always happy to help anyway

I agree with this. Before I realized that ./seen included the ip I wouldn’t have really minded. /seen could really be abused and have some very negative outcomes. Just ask staff if you need to know when someone was last on. :slight_smile:

I see a slight positive and a huge negative from this, as others have pointed out.

This will not be done.