TrUsTeD- (Gracias mis amigos) Fairytaillov3r

So first off, im gonna start by saying im late, and i had time to post this earlier but procrastinated .-. OH WELL. Anyways, i wanted to say a big THANK YOU! <3 to everyone that voted and supported me through the server and helped me get promoted! First off, i wanted to thank Koala, for nominating me as well as being there to help out and making me think i wasnt gonna make it <3 (haha just kidding) as well as helping me achieve the ranking of Trusted and always making me nervous :smiley: .But i also wanted to thank Mar8u because shes been here with me for awhile and has helped me with my social issues on TS .-. (didnt do a very good job tbh xD ) but overall i wanted to thank the server, for being helpful, for being accepting, and for being hilarious at times. Also i wanted to thank Panda because she really helped a lot as well and shes really nice and helped me achieve this ranking <3 So to sum this up, THANK YOU. all of you! And i hope to stay on the server till im 85 :wink: BAIIII -Fairy :wink:

No Robin shoutout? :stuck_out_tongue:


… And Shoutout to Robin because…hes Robin and got me introuble for joining PVP <3 (u aint getting your five hours)

Your so welcome. I sound so mean. XD
Anyways, you really deserve this and I am so proud of you. I feel like a proud little mama. XD
I hope you deserve this, and I am so glad I got to nominate you! You were my first. Have fun, and congrats.

gg 8)


Congrats Fairy, u deserve trusted! :smiley:

Congrats fairy and I told u so! :stuck_out_tongue: