Trophy Room for Pro

Alright, I’ve been thinking… well, actually this isn’t my idea, I think it’s Jeff’s or Tony’s idea. But anyways. There’s quite a bit of Adv out there who want to get pro right! Of course! Well, how can you trust them to see if they’ve really gotten the votes? Easy! A Trophy Room! Only OP+ can make Bedrock, so if they place it on a pedestal like thing that would signify a vote. Easy as Pie! lol, just consider the idea. Thanks!

I fully support this idea due to the fact some people cant/dont know how to post/take a picture of their build.

Obviously the op+ are gonna have to place it and remember who they have voted for.

since this is relitivly new it is in the BETA V 0.0.1

any comments from the members is accepted

What I did is do an /mb air (Op) of who did it. There’s an idea. :slight_smile:

I did this for them a while back, it really is a good idea

I like this idea, could do /mb white , then put bedrock on top of that.

Why not make the bedrock itself the message block? That can be done, right?

Where would this room be located? In their map I take it? In front of each build deemed worthy of Pro? Pro requires their whole map to be used and a good portion of that should qualify as adv work with some pro quality ones too.

Might be a good idea to require 2 votes for each pro quality building? Minimum of three builds that meet that criteria?

I think only a few blocks work with /mb. The block needs to be able to be broken by people too, thats how you read it.

Ok, heres all the valid block types: white, black, air, water and lava.

Oh, and I like the idea! :slight_smile:

It’s like that one TV show Survival.

Extra info - The black and white ones have to be punched to be read, the water lava and air are walked through.

And I would say place them in front of the build. We could use this system for adv also. For example:
Adv - Black mb with adminium on top
Pro - White mb with adminium on top.

I like this :smiley:

Yeah this seems like a really good idea :smiley: Whoever came up with this is a…


Except for one thing. What if some player (for unknown reasons) uses /delete or /z air to like, destroy the mb black or mb white? Even if you saw the adminium, how would you know who voted and/or what color it was?

Well, who voted doesn’t really matter that much, its just nice to know if possible. And if they’re already adv it will be for pro and if they are below adv it will be for adv.

But wouldnt u wanna know in cases where you dont think the build is good enough and ur afraid that there is an op going around promoting/voting people with bad builds? Also no one would fess up and the player forgot who voted for him/her… wouldnt u wanna know then?

errm like i said before

BETA 0.0.1

there can be changes to fit the needs.

Well, my Map is only zoned for me and OPs, so no one can destroy the /mb airs. :slight_smile: And my trophy room is right below my spawn. So, I don’t know, kind of using my whole map to get Pro. Haha

That would work^ zone the /mb