I went round earlier today locking all the chests in treetop to anyone that left a clue of their identity :slight_smile: your all welcome, Red

Thanks, I had to do this for my place as well. The map move did not save our lock info, so everything was open.

Check your stuff people! And thanks for those that locked the market up.

thank you very much Red. sorry i haven’t been on to lock up the town. i will put a sign in front of the spawn point in town to remind people

Nice red. Wish i woulda rememberd that i had chests in the market that where unlocked. They kinda got stolen from. :confused: And the only ones that still had something in them, where locked by someone else. There where only 2 that where locked by someone else.

Try checking to see who accessed the chest with /lb tool chestaccess, may give you a bit more info.

Well mythy what did u lose? Although I dunno who took ur stuff I’ll do my best to replace anything lost

-edit- sip isn’t that a mod+ command?
And shadow no worries we’re here to help each other out

Yea it is, was aimed at Myth particularly even though not stated.

Also if it was stolen then we may be able to replace it.

ok sippy no worries :stuck_out_tongue: and yeah pull together lads :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I will check the invenories later. As of right now I can’t get access to a comp with mc. :confused:

Play in browser?

Idk if any of you get the same issue, but i get a bad video drivers error when i try to play in browser, im running an nvidia geforce 240 fully updated. must be a bug for some cards :frowning: in other news though, im gettin an ATI Radeon Ice next week :smiley: