Treetop 2.0

As many of you know, im working on recreating the first town ever made in the Jungle Biome on the last map, named Treetop. ive finally gathered enough logs to start actually building in the Jungle we have chosen, but now im taking Donations if anyone is willing to give me any logs and leaves. im only accepting Oak Tree Logs, and Oak Tree Leaves. The town is going to be enormous, but im only accepting help building from Liam, Sacred and Cherry. to donate, use the /Warp Treetop command to take you to the first tree, and leave a donation chest there along with a sign saying who did it…

Treetop 2.0 Status First Giant Tree: 83% Second Tree: 0% 3rd Tree: 0% 4th Tree: 0% Marketplace: 98% Roads: 0.01% Farming Area: 50% Residentual Housing: 2%

PLEASE DO NOT BUILD IN TREETOP. this is going to be much more organized than the previous Treetop was, not only that, im being very selective about who can come and live in the new Jungle town.

I’d say the big tree was at 48% and the roads 0.02%

.> trolololol?


I’m rolling my eyes, Iggy.

Anyway, great! I never really liked Treetop (Because I could never build there), mainly because It was a bit organized. But this sounds way better. Good luck, and good night (I need to get to bed).

Whel if someone donates a lot of wood (like me I have a ton) can he than live there?

i don’t see why not, but as i have said im doing all the building along with Liam Sac and Cherry. so you will have to wait a bit before it habitable

Are you using the island jungle? or somewhere else? If so – Do you mind if i post a map pic of the area?

no, idgaf. John, just do /warp Treetop, and you will see where it is. but it is not the Island Jungle near your town

I cant get on, lol! Lemme ask people to /warp there lol

updated the status of town a bit. current work is focused on the Market which im expepecting to be fully mined out by the end of the month. Also work is being done to the farming area, which will have a barn in the next few days, expecting to even have mooshrooms

so i can’t help anymore? D:

uh, YEAH i didn’t know where you were! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE work on the tree more! i was going to just let you finish it actually Myth.

Whenever I go on noone else involved with this seems to be D:

Sorry i haven’t been very active lately. It’s the last week before school is out for break and finals are starting to pile up :stuck_out_tongue: I should be able to find some free time to work on the tree though :smiley:

prolly because im the only one doing work on it. Sacred is MIA, haven’t seen Cherry inna while… everytime i do shes on CMP while AFK… so yeah. Myth is going to finish the tree while im working on the Market and Farming areas. I ALSO NEED EFFING WITHER SKULLS! IF SOMEONE COULD GET SOME I WILL PAY IN DIAMOND BLOCKS! 5 BLOCKS/ SKULL!

ok, with Semi’s help i was able to get the Market almost fully done with the exception of Stalls. the roof, walls, center, and all three stories are done except for stalls. next project to be completed is an Animal farm which i am about to begin working on.

Since Red, and Sacred appear to be takeing a holiday from MC, any other staff who would like to help are welcome to. Semi and Myth are both helping tremendously.

im still accepting leaf donations from people.

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